The Polaroid Project

I have started a new endeavor call the “The Polaroid Project” and will post the process of creating a fine art/ travel book.

Throughout the 1990’s I was working hard as a commercial photographer and vowed  I would take one month off each year to explore exotic places around the world. These many trips were generally loosely planned. I would buy a guide book at the last-minute and read it on the plane. There is something exciting in just going someplace for no real reason.

Traveling light and lean was very important to me because I wanted to move fast and step off the beaten path. That did not mean leaving the bulky and somewhat heavy Polaroid 600 at home. We religiously kept a logbook of all our travels. The Polaroid prints were perfect for adding visual content to the book. It was great fun sitting in a bar or restaurant rehashing the recent events and working on the log.

My Nikon f2 plus 35mm and 105mm lens were also part of the travel gear. I mainly shot with tri-x because of its speed and diversity. You can push or pull the film with great results. As a photographer I have an innate need to take photos; so I do.

Business would take over my life upon my return from these excursions and the Polaroid /film went into the closet to be forgotten. Until now. More than a decade later, I find myself curious to what I shot and what I can do with it; thus this self-imposed project.

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