Soon to be: Ten Years Later

I come upon an old image of mine on the Internet.The photo was taken almost a decade ago on that fateful day September 11, 2001. On that day I was so awestruck by the developments laid before me that I shoot two f-stops over. To this day I have yet to really look at the images. They are just too painful. I did offer one (the above image) to a charitable foundation and hopefully it has helped.

The image was taken from around 17th street and fifth Avenue. I placed the flag in front of the burning WTC and cropped off a street sign so only the word NO would show. I feel the photo somehow documented the horror and the recipient of that horror. While shooting I could not help but wonder what kind of ramifications would result because of this gruesome act that I was witnessing. Little did I know that we would be at war ten years later and that destroyed WTC site would remain a hole in the ground.The pain and horror go on………….

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