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Abstract journey I do enjoy.


Mother & Child

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Abstract journey I do enjoy.

The Polaroid Project

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I have started a new endeavor call the “The Polaroid Project” and will post the process of creating a fine art/ travel book.

Throughout the 1990’s I was working hard as a commercial photographer and vowed  I would take one month off each year to explore exotic places around the world. These many trips were generally loosely planned. I would buy a guide book at the last-minute and read it on the plane. There is something exciting in just going someplace for no real reason.

Traveling light and lean was very important to me because I wanted to move fast and step off the beaten path. That did not mean leaving the bulky and somewhat heavy Polaroid 600 at home. We religiously kept a logbook of all our travels. The Polaroid prints were perfect for adding visual content to the book. It was great fun sitting in a bar or restaurant rehashing the recent events and working on the log.

My Nikon f2 plus 35mm and 105mm lens were also part of the travel gear. I mainly shot with tri-x because of its speed and diversity. You can push or pull the film with great results. As a photographer I have an innate need to take photos; so I do.

Business would take over my life upon my return from these excursions and the Polaroid /film went into the closet to be forgotten. Until now. More than a decade later, I find myself curious to what I shot and what I can do with it; thus this self-imposed project.

Island Kingdom by Dan Springston

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Never have I seen a more beautifully enchanted island and have resolved to walk her entire shoreline, make acquaintances, and explore the interior.  The people who inhabit this little atoll are unique in their diversity; they come from many tribes, speak in numerous languages, worship a variety of Gods, and herald a multitude of opinions and ideas, yet they live in a near harmonic manner. My experience in mingling with the residents has been intellectually rewarding and positive.  They are a courteous, well-behaved group; not once in twenty-five years of exploration have I been in a conflict with anyone on this Island Kingdom.

In combining all the social, economical, environmental and technological complexities that are inherent to a small island with a populous of around 1,700,000 civilians, I believe that Manhattan is surely one of man’s greatest experiments.

The images in this book were capture between 2007-2010. This book is about the people of Manhattan and their island.

Island Kingdom can be purchased and viewed in its entirety HERE.


The Pyramids of Giza

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I like this image.  It required a small epic journey to capture it.

Standing in front of the pyramids, right where the bus drops off tourist, did not seem like the best vantage point to take my pyramid image. I really had to be someplace else and far from the main dusty parking lot surrounded by dozens site seers flashing away in the f22 at 500th of second bright sunlight.

In a nearby town we rented two Arabian horses and a guide to escort us to the rear of the Pyramids. A good traveler should be aware of the inherent risks of be in certain places and two American traveling into the Egyptian desert by horseback had me feeling a little vulnerable. My camera at the time was and old but very sturdy Nikon f2. I liked the camera because it was reliable and could double as a weapon. It gave me a bit of comfort knowing that if I were to be harassed by bandits, pirates or any one of a number of people out to kill/rob an American tourist, I could simply start swinging the camera round and use it like some kind of slingshot nunchuck doodad. Sometimes I practice my swing while shrieking. I am pretty sure it could help out in certain situations.

It was late in the afternoon after miles of sandy dusty travel before I found my shot. From the rear, away from the crowds, the Pyramids took on an ever more mystic quality. They seemed to be secreting some unknown energy into the night air.

I used a 35mm nikkor lens and tri-x film for the above image. The film was overexposed and underdeveloped to accentuate the grain structure.


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My project Eo=1 is difficult to explain. Sure, something’s are just beyond words and the outcome is the explanation.  The truth, I am not really sure what Eo=1 is. All that I do know is that it is some sort of recorded occurrence near nothing.

I will keep you posted if I find out more.

see from Nothing

They say that man is stranded on earth and he will parish there. They say that man will never exceed the speed of light and they say man cannot travel time. They also say they know this.

I say Not.

I have discovered a porthole into the very fabric of our existence.

To past though this tiny hole you must shed all, your body and soul.

You do not need them to go.

It all starts at nothing.

At nothing there is no speed or time or space.

Just go.

Why? You say.

Why, nothing is next to everything.

And you can see everything from nothing.

read from Nothing

Many eyes followed the old man. In darkness it is the eyes that portray the individual and when the old man screamed in the utmost of agony the many eyes turned too little slits, as if by seeing less they would be protected from his pain. He then became still and silent as two rivers of tears flowed down his ancient face. The tears were not a creation of sadness or the pain but produced by fast forwardness. He had not moved but had traveled beyond the cares of life. He was now not he but had become an entity of all. At this point, the man tossed three human teeth, three stones, two tips of horn, fragments of bone and an acorn on the ground and began to read.

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