Spring 2012 Fashion Covers

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Yes, another fine fashion season. It is a great thing to work with so many talented people; work somehow becomes something closer to play. The above gallery shows a few cover shots from this spring.

A Watch Image From Last Week’s Still Project

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It’s funny where creative ideas come from; the shinny tubes of paper in the above image where derived when I dropped a roll of tin foil while making dinner the night before.


Off to Denver for a Fashion Shoot

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I had a great time in Denver last week although the creative director, my equipment and clothes did not make the trip.

Unadilla Motorcycle Race Fall 2011

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My buddy Alex and I jump on the motorbikes and headed to Unadilla a couple days ago to watch a friend (Allan Zitta) race.

Fashion Shoot with the Beautiful Zana

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Help Windham, NY rebuild after devastating floods created by Hurricane Irene

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Photographers Unknown

Hurricane Irene did a great amount of damage to my home away from home town of Windham, NY. The otherwise idyllic Batavia kill creek that meanders through the center of town turned deadly when Irene released the mother load of rain on the Catskills and Vermont. The center of town was hard hit when the water raged down Main Street.  FEMA and the National Guard have been in place from the start. The National Guard has implemented a nighttime curfew and has done a good job at controlling the area. The people of Windham and the surrounding towns have really come together in the cleanup and rebuilding. There has been an overwhelming sense of camaraderie as neighbor helps neighbor. It is the businesses that have taken the hardest hit. Most do not have flood insurance and do not qualify for FEMA money. Please help support the rebuilding of Windham by donating HERE. One hundred percent of the money will go back to the people who need it most.

A New Fashion Story

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