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Island Kingdom by Dan Springston

Posted in Fine Art with tags , , on June 15, 2011 by dan springston photo

Never have I seen a more beautifully enchanted island and have resolved to walk her entire shoreline, make acquaintances, and explore the interior.  The people who inhabit this little atoll are unique in their diversity; they come from many tribes, speak in numerous languages, worship a variety of Gods, and herald a multitude of opinions and ideas, yet they live in a near harmonic manner. My experience in mingling with the residents has been intellectually rewarding and positive.  They are a courteous, well-behaved group; not once in twenty-five years of exploration have I been in a conflict with anyone on this Island Kingdom.

In combining all the social, economical, environmental and technological complexities that are inherent to a small island with a populous of around 1,700,000 civilians, I believe that Manhattan is surely one of man’s greatest experiments.

The images in this book were capture between 2007-2010. This book is about the people of Manhattan and their island.

Island Kingdom can be purchased and viewed in its entirety HERE.